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Aircraft Carpet by OmnAvia™ Interiors

Have you often longed for a carpet that speaks of elegance and luxury to your aircraft’s interior, but thought, “I just can’t afford that”?

Well, look no further! At long last, OmnAvia™ Interiors LLC brings to you a collection of carpets that deliver a “Wow!” factor to your airplane without bringing an “Ow!” factor to your budget. Whether you prefer nylon or wool pile floor covering, OmnAvia’s carpets are luxurious, stylish and durable, and they all are at surprisingly affordable price points.

Most importantly, you won’t wait a lifetime to receive your order. Most items ship in two weeks or less!

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Aircraft Carpet Swatches
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Aircraft Carpet Swatches
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Aircraft Carpet Swatches

Aircraft Carpet Swatches

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You’ll be impressed with the variety of patterns, and the high level of style will appeal to the most discriminating of tastes.

Get ready to take your aircraft interior to the next level of style and luxury – without breaking the bank!

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