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Aircraft Interior Foam by OmnAvia™ Interiors

Aircraft Foam for Cushions, Soundproofing, Carpet Underlay, Etc.

OmnAvia™ Interiors supplies the latest technology in aircraft seat cushions to the aviation industry. Our cushions are fabricated from the most advanced fire-resistant foam products that combine the optimum characteristics of resiliency, durability andweight-savings.

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AirFlex Aircraft Foam
OmnAvia™ is pleased to offer the latest development in FR seating foam, AirFlex, developed exclusively for the aircraft industry. AirFlex offers compliance with the FAR 25.853(c) oil burner test in combination with the majority of dress covering fabrics without the need for additional “fire-blocking” materials. Providing excellent contours and seat definition, AirFlex offers substantial improvements in physical characteristics and reductions in weights on most cushion designs.

AirFlex is available in a wide range of compressions to easily achieve any desired firmness and comfort level. From the feather-soft feel of AirFlex 15-25 to the extra firm feel of AirFlex HD, this broad choice of resiliency ratings offers you the ability to manufacture cushions to suit your particular requirements, regardless of the intricacy and complexity of the seating design.

For your convenience Airflex is color-coded by compression to make it easy for your interior shop to select the correct firmness of foam from your inventory for cushion fabrication, and is available in a large variety of sheet thicknesses.

AirFlex can also be custom cut to a size that minimizes waste, and different compressions can be laminated for you prior to shipping to make you cushion fabrication project a breeze.

AeroLite Aircraft Foam

AeroLite Cellular Aircraft Foams
are excellent for headliner, trim panel and carpet underlay applications. click picThey combine superior compression resistance at a variety of firmness ratings while creating a quieter cabin environment. AeroLite is color-coded to identify firmness, is available in three firmness grades, and is shipped in 1/8” and ¼” thicknesses in 25 ft. and 50 ft. roll lengths.

When you need new cushions for your aircraft seats, we go towork to make the process as smooth as possible. We develop prototype samples for you for fit check and approval. Our staff DER prepares a test plan and performs oil burner testing on seat cushion assemblies using your dress cover material for FAA certification.

We then provide you with a test report and FAA certification documentation for your files that attests that your seats are legally approved.

Call OmnAvia Interiors 336-331.3394 when you need replacement cushions. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your cushions will fit well, be fully FAA-compliant, and will be easy on your budget.

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