OmnAvia Interiors LLC was founded in the year 2012 as a distributor of aircraft interior products & services to the general & commercial aviation industry. Over the years, OmnAvia Interiors has been the one stop shop for creating a dream interior for Private Aircraft, Business Jets or Commercial Airlines. We offer the finest quality interior products and a completely personal and unique design to each one of our customers.

OmnAvia Interiors has been highly recommended by our previous clientele, regulatory authorized service centers and aircraft interior manufacturers. We excel in providing a wide spectrum of interior products ranging from European & New Zealand leathers, to Australian sheepskins, to state-of the art manufactured IZIT® faux leather. OmnAvia provides a burn test report and a Certificate of Conformance with all materials delivered for an aircraft installation. We use test facilities with FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) for flammability testing. This assures that testing has been performed by a laboratory that is current with all FAA flammability regulations. To safeguard our quality standards as well as the integrity to our customer projects, we maintain specialized inventory. Our team of experts has years of experience in providing quality cabin interior materials that offer an enhanced level of comfort, appearance and value to your aircraft. We provide you with interior solutions that fit your budget and schedule. Although OmnAvia Interiors has its head office in North Carolina USA, we serve clients across the world.

Mr. Robin Butler

Robin has over 35 years’ experience in aviation soft goods production, design and distribution. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology from NC State University and began his career in textiles as a sales engineer for a carpet yarn machinery manufacturer. He entered the aviation textiles industry in late 1984, and since then has assisted aircraft OEMs, design consultancies, interior mod centers, commercial airlines and individual aircraft owners in making their aircraft interiors safer and more beautiful. During his free time Robin enjoys cooking, golf, and listening to great music with his wife Cindy as they spend time spoiling their five grandsons, landscaping and caring for their animals at their home in the country.


Dr. Praveen Srivastava

Dr. Praveen Srivastava has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, an MBA, DIM, PhD, and LLB. He earned his doctorate in Aviation MRO and is recognised in Commercial Airlines, Business Jet and MRO in India as well as globally in the Aviation Industry. He serves on the Board of Directors of US-based company Spectra Interior Products. Dr. Srivastava serves as OmnAvia's Director of Global Business Development. He is recognized world-wide as a specialist in Aircraft Interiors and Exteriors, has set up 4 interior shops over the last 10 years, and these shops have painted and refurbished dozens of aircraft from Beechcraft KingAirs to the Bombardier Global Express. Dr. Srivastava has an eye for precision, a vast knowledge of color and texture, and is recognised for being able to deliver complete bespoke solutions that balance practicality with style and quality. He leads the worldwide marketing direction for OmnAvia, and the sales activities in the mid-East, Africa and the south Asia regions.

Mr. Brandon Causey

Brandon Causey joined OmnAvia Interiors in operations when we started in May of 2012 and has played an integral part in its growth. He now serves as General Manager, specializing in supply chain management and logistics, while keeping a keen eye on all day-to-day operations. Prior to joining the OmnAvia team, Brandon spent 10 years as a PGA teaching professional. Golf remains a hobby of his, but bird hunting is his true passion now. During the Fall and Winter months, you will find him working in the fields with his two English Setters who also double as the company mascots.

Miss. Becky Harman

Becky Harman serves as OmnAvia’s Client Services Manager, where she fulfills many roles in the organization. Becky works closely with our clients to help them select the best materials for their interiors while working within client budgets. She plays a vital role in selecting our new upholstery and carpet product offerings. Becky handles all incoming orders and coordinates with our shipping department to make sure orders go out on time. Since joining us in 2013, Becky has taken courses in interior design and textile design and science, obtained her BS in Psychology and previously earned an associate degree in Horticulture. She loves being in the forest and you will often find her hiking in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge mountains on weekends.

Mr. Vikas Arya

Vikas Arya has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has more than 5 years of combined expertise in Sales, Marketing & Technical services in the aviation & aerospace industry. He serves as a senior sales engineer for Africa, Mid-East and the South East Asia regions. He currently plays an important role adding value in sales & marketing, business development & project management. He excels in problem solving, vendor management and networking skills, thereby improving the decision-making process and handling the responsible roles with a continuous focus on global aircraft industry. Vikas comes with a background of handling MRO projects, strategizing & forecasting sales for aircraft interiors, aerospace toolings & spares along with playing a pivotal role in partnering with OEM's .Vikas has completed two courses based on customer segmentation and prospecting as well as sales pitch & closing from North-western University. Working in the same industry has kept him self-motivated and passionate about space applications and making things happen in challenging situations.

At OmnAvia we partner with a trusted, select group of manufacturers to create customized interior environments. Our combined attention to market trends allows us – and you – to surpass expectations in today’s market, and to anticipate and adapt to our ever-changing world. Embracing new developments in manufacturing and design technology keeps us on the leading edge of the interior completion and refurbishment market. From advances in fiber science to revolutionary low-power UV curing of cabinet finishes; from improvements in synthetic leather for interior surfaces to new creations in light-weight non-textile flooring, OmnAvia brings our partners’ latest product introductions to you, so that you can delight your clientele with amazing bespoke interior transformations. Our vision is to introduce ever-more innovative decorative finish spec materials to your programs and projects worldwide, and our incredible team of partners is vital in achieving our Mission.


OmnAvia Interiors USA expand its reach in the Middle East and Asia

OmnAvia has named Dr. Praveen Srivastava, a noted expert in aircraft interiors and aviation MRO, as the Director of Global Business Development. Dr. Srivastava carries vast experience in commercial and corporate/private aircraft interior completions, installations and repairs, and has been the co-founder of companies specializing in Aviation MRO. He will retain his role as Founder & CEO of AeroChamp Aviation (Intl.) Pvt. Ltd.-India and continue to handle its business activities in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Robin Butler, founder and Managing Partner of OmnAvia Interiors states “We are very pleased to have Dr. Srivastava as an Executive Committee member who brings his vast experience and vision to our company as we expand our footprint into the untapped markets where we anticipate significant growth opportunities. His business relationships and broad knowledge in the aviation industry, position OmnAvia for market expansion by increasing the channels of distribution for our current products and services, and through the development of new product verticals. His expertise will bring energy to our board and strengthen our management team to achieve its short and long-term goals."

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OmnAvia Interiors and NC Binding Machines join hands to increase their global reach

On 25th August, 2020 OmnAvia is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with the pioneer manufacturer of carpet and rug cutting, serging equipment and sewing machines i.e. NC Binding Machines and Equipment Corp. OmnAvia is now able to offer a full range NC machines, equipment and hand tools to its global customers.

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OmnAvia Interiors, LLC shall strive to consistently improve our company culture and performance in these key areas of our daily existence:

Manpower: Develop and retain a highly skilled professional workforce knowledgeable of and capable of providing organizational leadership and teamwork; maintain and improve world-class business and quality processes; and treat each member of the working team with respect, dignity, and kindness. 

Materials: Establish, maintain, and improve supplier relationships to attain the highest value products; provide delivery schedules that exceed customer expectations; and constantly improve product quality on subsequent purchase orders. 

Methods: Establish and maintain a quality management system that will enable our employees to perform on the key administrative and product processes that provide tangible value to internal and external customers. 

Measurement: Establish, maintain and improve key administrative and product processes that constrain internal customers and are expected by external customers. 

Mother Nature (Environment): Establish, maintain and improve employee knowledge and compliance to environmental, health, and safety requirements that protect individual safety, the Company’s future, our clients’ well-being, and the planet as a whole.