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Since 1953, NC Binding has pioneered the flooring trade with new equipment and revolutionary technology. NC Binding differentiates itself from others by designing and manufacturing our own carpet binding equipment. While others duplicate machinery design, NC Binding innovates to create equipment that is simpler, quieter, and more durable.

  • USA Made Ultimate Cornering Carpet Serger & Binder
  • Aircraft – Auto – Marine – Upholstery – Covers
  • All Priced Complete With Servo Motor Workstations
  • Fully Assembled, 2 Year Limited Warranty

Model NC6L

30” Long Arm Walking Foot
2 Year Ltd. Warranty

Our 30" long arm compound walking foot machine is equipped with a custom servo motor workstation, extended reverse lever, big bobbin, high lift, and is self oiling. This unit is heavy duty and designed to provide all day sewing. It provides a tremendous savings vs. Juki and Seiko long arms (which we also sell). Long arm sewing machines are valuable to any workroom that needs to sew deep into material and/or doesn't wish to fold and crease the leather. It's employed for aircraft, auto, tarp, cover, furniture and most textile sewing applications.

  • 30 Inch Long Arm Walking Foot
  • Complete with custom servo workstation
  • Large bobbin, Extended Reverse lever
  • Self oiling, High lift

Long Arm 30" walking foot upholstery sewing machine NC6L

Model NC1508NH

Extra-Heavy Duty
$1000 less than Juki 1508NH

The NC1508NH vertical axis walking foot is similar to the Juki 1508NH walking foot. It's capable of sewing the thickest upholstery and multi-ply applications. It has an industry-leading 16mm pressure foot lift. What separates it from other units in this class? Its revolutionary 'Foot Control Knob' which allows the operator to adjust the height of the foot based on type of work they're doing. It's conveniently located on top of the unit and can be changed on the fly. In addition, this unit generates more stitches per minute than most vertical axis walking foot machines. It's equipped with a servo motor workstation, big bobbin, auto-oiling, high lift, and can accommodate standard feet. Priced up to 50% less than machines in it's class, this unit offers a tremendous savings and value. The NC1508NH is backed up by a 2-year limited warranty. It can be employed for standard interiors and upholstery applications as well as multiple work, harnesses, straps, tarps, covers, seats, covers, cushions, etc.

  • Vertical hook walking foot
  • Large Bobbin, Self-Oiling
  • Foot Control Knob
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Servo motor workstation
  • 25% less than Juki 1508N

Heavy Duty Walking Foot Sewing Machine NC1508NH

Model NC11L

Long Arm Twin Needle Walking Foot
2 Year Ltd. Warranty

The NC11L double needle, compound, long arm walking foot has a 25” inside sewing throat. It sews parallel stitches and is available in gauges ranging from 1/8” – 11/2”. This unit is equipped with a reverse lever, large bobbin, and is self-oiling. A long arm is a tremendous asset to any workroom as it allows you to sew deep into material without creasing or folding the goods. This NC11L provides an affordable alternative to the Juki and Adler long arms which are in excess of $10,000.

Perfect for the sewing of auto, aircraft, & marine seats, the NC11L will streamline any sewing operation that wishes to cut sewing time in half and provide precision parallel stitching. It’s also employed for the sewing of tarps, awnings, and Velcro applications.

  • Equipped servo motor workstation
  • 25” long arm sewing throat
  • Large bobbin, extra high lift
  • Reverse/ back tack lever
  • Gauges ranging from 1/8” – 11/2”NC11L Features:
  • Equipped servo motor workstation
  • 25” long arm sewing throat
  • Large bobbin, extra high lift
  • Reverse/ back tack lever
  • Gauges ranging from 1/8” – 11/2”
How To Sew With Long Arm Sewing Machine Walking Foot Twin Needle by NC

Model NC11

Double Needle Walking Foot
2 Year Limited Warranty

Our heavy duty twin needle walking foot machine is self-oiling, has a big bobbin, & high lift. Capable of sewing multi-ply applications, the NC11 is most often employed for seat fabrication/ French seams. Various gauge sizes are available and it comes stock with your choice of ¼" or 3/8". The NC11 is a precision sewing machine designed to withstand daily use. It's employed by aircraft, auto, marine, furniture, tarp, cover, and awning fabrication shops worldwide.

  • 3/8" Twin needle compound walking foot
  • Complete with Servo Motor Table Work Station
  • Large Bobbin, High Lift, Auto Oiling
  • Reverse / Back Tack Lever
  • Set with straight-sewing needle system

Twin needle walking foot upholstery sewing machine NC11

Model NC6

Single Needle Walking Foot
2 Year Limited Warranty

The NC6 is the world's #1 rated heavy duty, horizontal walking foot sewing machine. The NC6 is equipped with a reverse lever, big bobbin, bobbin winder, and is self oiling. This unit is employed for auto, aircraft, marine, and RV iteriors. Made in Japan, the NC6 sews seats, cushions, tarps, covers, furniture, banners, tents, awnings, etc.

  • Made In Japan, #1 Rated
  • Equipped with Servo Motor Workstation
  • Able to sew light to heavy duty materials
  • Self Oiling, Large bobbin & Bobbin Winder
  • #1 Rated Horizonal Axis Walking Foot

Walking Foot Upholstery Sewing Machine NC6


Extra H-Duty Long Arm

The NC1508L25 is an extra heavy-duty compound feed walking foot long arm sewing machine. With over two feet of inside sewing area, it’s perfect for sewing diamonds, seat backs, and deep into a large variety of materials. If you’ve grown tired of folding and creasing leather, this long arm will streamline your operation, thus allowing you to work easier and with greater efficiency.

The NC 25” long arm has extra high lift and is capable of sewing heavy, multi-ply applications with ease. This vertical axis hook machine is equipped with big bobbin, reverse, and the custom servo motor workstation arrives to you fully assembled. The NC1508L25 is employed for auto interiors, aircraft interiors, furniture, marine, tarp, and all upholstery applications. All standard feet and guides that you run on your Juki, Seiko, Singer, Brother, Consew, & NC can be employed on this unit.

This unit is shown here with a high-end custom diamond template from Leather Seats Prime. Sewing diamonds and various patterns with a long arm will save you time and aggravation. Sewing them with their templates will also increase your accuracy and efficiency. The NC1508L25 is also available with an optional 'Extension Reverse Lever' for $125.

  • 25” long arm walking foot
  • Extra High lift, Compound feed
  • Vertical hook, Big bobbin, Reverse
  • Complete w/ servo workstation
  • 1508 class Extra H-duty

Long Arm Sewing Machine by NC Carpet Binding

Model 81200AIR

Ultimate Cornering Serger
Commercial Aircraft Serger

The 81200AIR Ultimate Cornering carpet serger was custom designed to for aircraft interiors that encounter difficult inside turns and radiuses. It’s built on our heavy duty 81200 mainframe and is for life. This unit’s technology allows you to serge those tough inside 90 degree angles, inside seat tracks, circles, and acute angles effortlessly. It’s also employed by RV, Marine, and Auto Mat manufacturers/ workrooms. It’s comes equipped with a three thread setup. You may order it with a two thread wrap around setup and tape underlay. If your workroom encounters difficult carpets to serge, the N-C TOP GUN is your solution.

  • Two Thread Wrap Around Serger
  • Ultimate Cornering Setup for acute angles
  • Equipped w/ close cupple rear puller
  • For any carpet workroom, aircraft, auto mats
  • Equipped with tape underlay feature

Carpet serger for aircraft interiors NC 81200AIR- USA Made

Model 81200AIR-RFWB

Ultimate Cornering Serger For Full Sized Rugs
Made In The USA

The 81200AIR-RFWB option with tape underlay is designed for all carpet serging workrooms, aircraft interiors, and auto mats. If you serge area rugs and are looking for a machine to tackle those tough corners, you've just found it. Designed with a rear puller to handle dense, room sized carpets, the 81200AIR-RFWB is built on the lifelong lasting 81200 class machine. All new technology allows you to serge those tough inside 90 degree angles, inside circles, and acute angles effortlessly.

  • Two Thread Wrap Around Serger
  • Ultimate Cornering Setup for acute angles
  • Equipped w/ close cupple rear puller
  • For any carpet workroom, aircraft, auto mats
  • Equipped with tape underlay feature

Carpet Serger Ultimate Cornering 81200AIRRFWB

Model BAC

Ultimate Cornering Binder
Made In The USA

Our Ultimate Cornering model BAC is designed to bind tough inside corners, radiuses, and 180 degree turns with ease. Made in the USA, this unit is engineered to bind difficult angles much easier than standard carpet binders. The BAC is traditionally employed by aircraft, marine, auto mat, helicopter, and RV interior workrooms. The BAC is bobbinless, self-oiling, and setup with our 1 ¼” Poly or Sunbrella Tape attachment.

  • Complete with servo motor workstation
  • Bobbin-less, Self Oiling, Chainstitch
  • Employed for Aircraft, Auto, Marine, RV
  • Setup with 1 ¼’ Tape
  • Can be custom set for your work

Marine, Aircraft, Auto Mat Carpet Binding Machine BAC

SK2019 skiver

High End Leather Skiver

This high-end leather skiver is new to our lineup and designed to skive leather hides, shoes, belts, purses, & most any leather product. The SK2019 is capable of skiving up to 2” deep into leather goods. Since the end of 2018, the all new NC SK2019 leather skiver has been field tested by Chris McClintock at Bux Customs. “ The NC Skiver is a must have for the high end upholstery shops to the basement hobbyist. It works effortlessly to thin out the edges of your material whether it's 3 ounces or 10 ounce leather. We give it 2 thumbs up." Chris McClintock BUX Customs- PA.

The introductory special is free LTL Shipping which provides a savings of $175-300 depending on your location. Call for overseas shipping costs.

The Skiver is equipped with a new servo motor workstation that is fully assembled. Make sure to run a vacuum with your Skiver at all times. Do this by cutting a hole under the unit and hooking up a shop vac. This is an option for $150 and can be added here or via phone.

  • Complete with servo motor workstation
  • Skive into leather up to 2”
  • Shears down thickness on leather goods
  • High-end components, 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Free LTL Truck Freight within North America


NC Twin Needle Post Bed
Walking Foot With Split Bar

The NC-Post is a twin needle, vertical axis walking foot, capable of sewing upholstery applications. The machine includes a split bar setup which allows you to disengage the inside needle when making turns. It’s also equipped with large bobbins, reverse, and high lift for multi-ply applications. This unit provides optimal maneuverability for the sewing of furniture corners, headrests, cylindrical sewing, sporting goods, etc. More and more aircraft, auto, & marine interior shops are moving toward employing these as their primary machines. Great for French seaming, the NC-Post provides a more affordable option than the $7800 Juki 2765 (which we also stock and sell). Our unit comes fully assembled equipped with a servo motor workstation. It’s backed up by a 2 year limited warranty.

  • 3/8” Gauge Setup
  • Heavy duty walking foot
  • Split bar included
  • Complete w/ servo workstation
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Twin Needle Post Bed Sewing Machine With Split Bar by NC Carpet Binding