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Aircraft Faux/IZIT® Leather


Aircraft Faux/IZIT® Leather

The Optimal Choice for Commercial Airline Seating – IZIT® Leather!

Since 2010 many commercial airline carriers have converted their seat cover materials from woven fabrics or natural leather to synthetic leather. The economics of faux leather make it a natural choice for conversion. Premier synthetic leather upholstery covers are easier to clean, more durable, offer longer “new cover” appearance retention and have a much lower long-term cost of ownership than woven fabric covers. The weight savings when compared to natural leather (nearly 2 pounds less payload weight compared to leather) is another key reason for change. OmnAvia is proud to be the commercial aerospace distributor of IZIT® Leather, produced by Willow Tex LLC. In a comparative evaluation by an independent test lab in 2014, IZIT® Leather (pronounced “is it”) was rated as the best overall performing synthetic leather of any faux leather in the aviation upholstery market.

The Optimal Choice for Commercial Airline Seating – IZIT® Leather! Are you considering refurbishing your aircraft upholstery with new materials? Do you want a product that communicates “class”? Is it important to reduce the cost of ownership of your upholstery? Is durability important to your maintenance staff? Do you want to reduce the fuel burn imposed by heavy leather upholstery? If you answered “Yes” to most these questions, then IZIT® Leather is the obvious selection for your airline.

In an comprehensive study in which a leather research laboratory at a renowned US university conducted a wide-ranging battery of performance tests on five different synthetic leathers currently offered for commercial transportation seating, IZIT® Leather XP received the highest overall rating of all the materials tested.

Patented ECO-Cel ® Technology is Eco-Friendly.

Not only does it out-rank the competition in performance, but IZIT ® Leather is eco-friendly as well. It achieves cost-efficient production through our patented ECO-Cel ® manufacturing process that, when compared with conventional synthetic leathers, uses up to 90% less energy, 80% less solvents, and eliminates wastewater altogether.

Made in the USA!

And there is more good news!! Willow Tex has erected the most modern synthetic leather production facility in the world in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. The company is partnering with regional US textile manufacturers to source all component materials for IZIT ® Leather, making IZIT ® Leather a “Made in the USA” product since early 2018.

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About Aircraft Fabric

With over thirty years of experience in aircraft interiors, we know aviation upholstery fabrics. Our involvement over the years with Boeing, Douglas Aircraft, Airbus and Bombardier, as well as with numerous airlines has given us a broad knowledge of the interiors of a vast array of airlines. This experience with the aesthetic as well as the technical requirements and flammability specifications for commercial airline textile materials helps you to avoid certification issues when you select OmnAvia to help you with your aircraft soft goods needs.

Wool Blend Upholstery Fabrics

Since the late 1970’s most aircraft upholstery fabrics have been constructed of primarily wool yarns, usually blended with a small percentage of nylon fiber in the warp yarns to reduce yarn breaks during the weaving process. Wool fiber is inherently flame-resistant, can be colored with dyes that are highly fade-resistant. The protein fiber structure of wool “breathes”, offering a comfortable seating fabric that is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Worsted wool yarns are strong, durable, and can be constructed into an infinite variety of patterns and colors to create a seating environment that is unique to any aircraft cabin design.

Need to match an existing interior? We can provide you with an exact duplicate of your fabric. Just send us a full pattern repeat of the fabric you wish to reverse-engineer and we can replicate that pattern and color for you.

Interested in a new look for your interior? We can show you a wide array of new fabrics from which you can develop an exciting décor for your aircraft.

Do you have an urgent requirement for retrofitting a set of airplane seats? Call us for samples of our in-stock fabrics, or click the “View Swatches” links to the right to view swatches of our Legacy Collection and Speed of Flight Collection of aircraft fabrics.

Aircraft Leather


About Aircraft Leather

We believe that a quality finished product begins with first rate materials. We offer the finest European leathers and Australian sheepskins for your airline passenger and crew seating applications. These materials are tanned using processes and techniquies than assure you of consistent quality and long-term performance for the rigorous demands of commercial airline usage.

Aircraft Sheepskin


About Sheepskin

OmnAvia™ Interiors offers a variety of twenty sheepskin colors that will compliment any aircraft décor. Aesthetically, sheepskin suggests a lushness that no other seat cover material can offer. Practically, sheepskin covers are cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and offer moisture-absorption properties that make sitting on them very comfortable over long-haul flights. Frequently sheepskin is the preferred seat cover material for crew seats.