Non-Textile Flooring Collection

Nexflor Smokehouse Oak

Nexflor is the latest development in non-textile flooring that features the very popular natural wood finish. This all new non-textile flooring material is engineered to look better and last longer than conventional floor coverings. Nexflor flexible materials combine a tough, printed top layer with resilient non-woven or foam backings. Available also without backing. OmnAvia maintains stock of colors Smokehouse Oak, Aged Oak and Quarry Granite.

Some features are as under-

- FIRE SAFETY - Meets all aircraft regulations
- ANTI-STATIC PROTECTION - Long lasting static  dissipation
- ANTI-MICROBIAL - Prevents mildew and odors
- LAYS FLAT, STAYS FLAT - Wicks out water and air
- IMPACT RESISTANCE - Protects sub-floor from heavy cart and spiked heel damage
- NON-SLIP SURFACE - Resists scuffing, water, most oils and chemicals