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BluSky Armor® high-performance clear coatings are a cutting-edge series of very fast UV-cured cabinet finishes that are innovating aircraft cabinet finishing specifications. BluSky Armor® offers exceptional performance and speedy drying times that result in less rework of cabinets for finish flaws, and higher profits from shortened finishing cycles. The products are inherently flame-resistant and meet the requirements of 14CFR 25.853 for 60-second vertical burn, toxic gas emission and smoke density.

The advanced chemical formulation of BluSky Armor® yields an improved in-service finish performance on-board the aircraft, achieved through the unique cross-linked polymer chemistry of its acrylate-based formulation. The finish offers excellent clarity and hardness and provides superior resistance to scratching and solvent abrasion. It offers much-desired flexibility/elongation properties, it is highly resistant to cracking, yellowing and shattering, and has exceptional finish adhesion to wood and wood veneers, composites and painted surfaces.

Here are some of the reasons why your cabinet shop should consider converting to the BluSky Armor® clear coating system:

  • BluSky Armor® fully cures tack-free, dry to the touch in less than 120 seconds when exposed to our LED UV-lighting.
  • Our catalyst activates in the UV-A range (395 nm), the safest range of light in the UV spectrum.
  • It is comprised of 100% solids; there are NO solvents, VOCs or HAPs in its formulation.
  • Cabinet finishing timelines are reduced by days – even weeks! Faster finishing times result in higher throughput and increased profits.
  • Product consumption is reduced by as much as 40%. There is less waste from solvent flash and sanding away imperfections from orange peel and airborne contaminants. More profit for you!
  • The 1007-U sealer formulation stabilizes veneer to minimize veneer shrinkage, eliminating costly rework.
  • Single-stage formulation is used straight out of the bottle – no mixing of catalysts, hardeners, reducers, or fire-retardants. Fewer mixing errors result in higher profits!
  • Pot life is indefinite. Left-over clear coating can be returned to a light-proof container for use later.
  • Clean up is easy and inexpensive, requiring only 91% isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
  • Application utilizes existing spray equipment. No special fixtures or methods are needed.
  • BluSky Armor® is priced competitively with solvent-based, catalyzed, slow-curing, labor- intensive products, and your total outlay for clear coat purchases will be significantly lower.
  • Application process is easy to learn and requires minimal training to adopt.
  • BluSky Armor® adheres to existing finishes. It is ideal for repairing minor scratches “on wing”, saving considerable time and expense. “Return to service” for minor repairs is fast.
  • BluSky Armor® is offered in a variety of viscosities to adapt to any vertical or horizontal spray needs.
  • Multiple sheens are available, from High Gloss to Satin to Matte finishes.
  • Minimal capital outlay required to adopt technology. UV LED curing lamps are inexpensive and long-lasting.
  • As you can see there are many reasons to convert to BluSky Armor®, and there are more.

BluSky Armor® customers enjoy the benefits of market leadership in quality industrial VOC-free chemistry which meets stringent environmental compliance standards while providing substantial cost savings. Because of the solvent-free formulation of the array of BluSky Armor® products, our customers may enjoy the following ADDITIONAL BENEFITS:

  • Lower Workman's Compensation & Insurance Costs
  • Reduced Worker Health Absenteeism
  • Minimal Hazardous Waste Disposal Costs
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Compliance with Government Environmental Regulations

MSI Lighting Fixtures to cover the full range of curing requirements. These LED UV lights include spot-curing flashlights, bench lights, wide-swath booth fixtures, and production line grade lighting elements.

The cost to set up a UV curing area for BluSky Armor in your spray booth is not expensive, particularly when compared to the very costly production systems required to cure high-volume panel manufacturing operations. Our clients who have invested in LED UV lamps and built curing rooms have said that the total cost was recovered after their first cabinet refinishing project. We illustrate here two options for setting up a small or large curing area in your paint/spray area. These are presented forconceptual purposes only. You can customize your curing room based on your available floorspace, paint booth dimensions, and specific needs for the type aircraft you typically complete or refurbish.

The Small Cure Station simulation consists of sixteen (16) 500-watt LED UV lamps arranged overhead, permanently on one wall, and on a mobile stand. This arrangement will provide curing area coverage for 8 feet x 8 feet overhead, 8 feet X 8 feet from the wall, and 4 feet X 5 feet from the movable stand. The estimated cost for this arrangement, including lamps, portable stand and wiring for the lamp installation is estimated to be between US$12,000 and US$14,000.

The Large Curing Room shown here is for the completion/refurbishment center that typically handles larger private aircraft that features larger furnishings. This arrangement boasts fifteen overhead lamps (curing area 10 ft. X 10 ft.), twelve back wall lamps (10 ft. X 8 ft. curing area), eight sidewall lamps (curing area 4 ft. X 5 ft.), and three lamps on the movable stand (4 ft. X 5 ft. cure zone). Estimated total outlay for this robust setup that should handle any sized cabinet is estimated to require a one-time outlay of US$22,500 to US$25,000.

Large Cure Station

Small Cure Station

Corner View

Corner View

Lateral View

Lateral View

We offer an array of inexpensive curing lamps to establish a curing area in your spray booth, and to perform "on-wing" repairs at a substantial cost savings compared to your current method of making clear coating repairs. The low wattage LED bulbs have a rated life of 50,000 hours. Compare that to the low lifespan of expensive high watt, high temperature tube lights that are replaced about every 1000 - 1200 hours and are prone to overheat and explode. These lights are a bargain!

Our 500 watt curing lamp will cure a surface area of approximately 3 feet X 3 feet (1 meter X 1 meter) from a distance of 3 feet (1 meter). This are intended to be permanently installed on your booth walls and/or ceiling. Some of our customers have also mounted them on heavy-duty roller stands for flexible positioning around the furnishing to be cured. We offer a 150 watt portable unit that can be carried onto an aircraft for onboard repairs, or used for curing small areas in your booth. We also have a 51 watt LED UV flashlight for spot curing small repairs and for curing BluSky Armor that has been sprayed inside of door and drawer openings and other hidden areas that are difficult for the fixed curing lamps to reach.

500W UV LED Flood

51 watt LED UV Flashlight

UV 150W Lamp

1007-U Gloss Sealer

Clear sprayable sealer and topcoat. Medium viscosity and high hardness. For use as a sealer and top coat for wood and synthetic substrates particularly when the substrates have already been stained or coated.

1007-U Matte or Satin

Clear sprayable sealer and topcoat. Medium viscosity and high hardness. For use as a sealer and top coat for wood and synthetic substrates.

1027-U GLOSS

Clear sprayable topcoat. Low viscosity. For use as a build coat and top coat for wood and synthetic substrates particularly when the substrates have already been stained or coated.

1027-U Matte or Satin

Clear sprayable topcoat. Low viscosity. For use as a top coat for wood and synthetic substrates

1047 Filler Paste

A UV LED light curable filler paste that easily cures tack free in under 30 seconds. Intended for use as a filler for deep chips and repairs. This paste won’t flow or move so it can be cured in the exact orientation the user desires.

1057-U Gloss

Clear fast-build intermediate coat. Good hardness and flexibility. For use as a fast-build coat before application of BluSky Armor 1027 top coating. Especially effective for spraying vertical surfaces when sagging of the wet clear prior to curing coating is a concern.

1057 Matte or Satin

Clear high build topcoat. Good hardness and flexibility. For use as a build coat for wood and synthetic substrates.

1067 Laminating Resin

A UV LED light curable laminating resin that cures tack free in minutes. Intended for use as a building lacquer for producing fiberglass composite parts.

Signature Plating

With more than two-decades of tradition providing superior products and outstanding customer service, Signature Plating was founded in January 2002 to fill a void in the plating industry. Signature Plating has a full anodizing line in addition to providing an ever-growing collection of fine plating finishes, ranging from basic nickel, copper, and traditional bluechrome to exotic black and 24k gold finishes inclusive of almond, rose, blush, champagne, smoke, and midnight with the option to finish each in a polished, satin, matte, pearlite, frosted or funnel look.

Signature Plating’s equipment, technology and procedures are based on extensive industry research and practices recommended by our team of experts, considered to be the best in the industry. We offer:

  • A dedicated team of professionals with more than 250 years of combined experience
  • The highest-quality decorative plating in the industry
  • The highest standards for manufacturers
  • The ability to coordinate, and/or stock parts, for other project suppliers’ products and services to improve lead time
  • A commitment to complete customer service satisfaction

A full-service plating facility, Signature Plating is dedicated to producing the highest quality products with rapid turn times that meet even the most stringent deadlines. Beyond aviation, our decorative plating services include: marine plating (yacht interiors) and custom home decor (interior decorative hardware).

  • Custom Specialty Finishes
  • Polishing
  • Clear Coat
  • Engraving
  • Anodizing Finishes
  • Hassle-Free Purchase Order System
  • Parts Manufacturing
  • Plastics Plating

2 Panels

24K Gold


Chrome Round

Gold Faucet

Gold Panel Cropped

Control panel in antique silver

Air gasper