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Miscellaneous Services

Aircraft Carpet Kits

Now that you have selected your beautiful new OmnAvia™Aircraft Carpet, who will fabricate your carpet “kit”? You or your mod center may have that capability in-house. If so, great! We ship to your door and offer serging thread to match your carpet. If, however, you need your new carpet cut and trimmed to install in your aircraft, we provide that service to you. Our skilled craftsmen cut your carpet pieces with precision to match the old carpet layout.

We serge and bind the carpet edges in the same fashion as the existing kit. Need foam pad or Velcro applied to the backside? We will do that as well. What about heel pads for preventing premature wear under the pedals? We’ve got that covered for you. Our new OmniPad carpet underlay provides a cushioned pad that insulates that cabin from cold temperature and air flow noise. We even offer double-sided carpet tape and self-adhesive Velcro tape to help you complete your installation.

We recommend that you ship us the old kit so that we can give you the best possible fit for your new carpet.

Our prices are competitive, and we can generally turn around the fabrication inside of three weeks after receipt of the carpet.


Aircraft Interior Rendering Service

In addition to our "Design Your Cabin" Tool, we can also offer the service of providing you and your client with a high-resolution rendering of the cabin interior finished in their selected new materials. This is especially helpful when some of their selected soft goods are offered by another supplier. It’s simple - you give us a high-resolution photo of the existing interior. It can be professionally taken, or shot with your cell phone camera. Provide us with swatches of the alternate materials selected from the other sources. Our expert artist and designer can “paint” your selection of materials into your photo, giving you a picture of your new interior! The cost is hourly-based, but it’s very approachable.

Now you and you client can have the peace of mind of knowing that your interior will look just like you have imagined! And if you like, we will provide you with a high-resolution file that you can print, frame and hang in your home or office.

Please call us at 336-331-3394 to discuss your aircraft interior needs and concerns. Our Rendering Service can make it easy for you to select materials, and then visualize your new décor, before your purchase, avoiding the fear of buyer’s remorse.